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Information about key board

About keyboards

With the very first typewriter, the letters on the keyboard were in alphabetical order. As a result, a number of commonly used characters were close to each other, and that caused problems because the letter bars often got stuck.


To solve the problem with the stuck letter rods, the letters have been moved in such a way that the letters that are used most often do not interfere with each other. This is how the QWERTY keyboard came into existence.


The QWERTY layout is not necessarily the most ideal format for fast typing.


Because each language has its own specific characters, there are different variants on the QWERTY keyboard such as the QWERTZ keyboard (German) and the AZERTY keyboard (French).


With the arrival of the computer the letter bars disappeared, so that the location of the keys was no longer important.

That is why in 1932 the DVORAK keyboard layout was devised to type as quickly and comfortably as possible.


Of the DVORAK keyboard even a left and right hand variant has been devised for people with 1 hand.


Various other formats have since been devised, such as the WORKMAN layout and the COLMAN layout. With this type training you can learn to type with all these different layouts.



Other keyboards

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